Ideas for Shared Memory in Linux

I have been doing extensive research today regarding shared memory in linux before I embark on a new project in which shaving time off process communication latency is extremely important. I found some very interesting links as well. Let’s break them down:

Topic Description Link
Theory/Explanation Some articles that explain how to get started open-std
Content in the first column Content in the second column lkd
IPC Mechanisms – some recommendations. Mainly talks about softwares like Boost, dBus dBus used to work using kernel levels but lately have come up with a patch that bypasses kernels Stackoverflow
What every programmer should know about memory LWN
Cache Friendly Code Stackoverflow
Helpful Articles Which linux IPC technique to use? Stackoverflow
Inter process communication – talks about shared memory ALP
Linux Poll Events on Shared Memory Stackoverflow
Using semaphores in Shared Memory Stackoverflow
Sharing semaphores between Shared Memory Stackoverflow
Sharing memory between processes Stackoverflow
Reserving memory at kernel boot up (DMA) Stackoverflow
Extra IPC Shared memory samples linuxgazette
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