Getting list of Issues from JIRA under current sprint

When you are working on Agile Boards in JIRA, you may want to retrieve all the issues related to a particular board or the sprint. Usually you’d find issues in progress under the dashboard of the sprint itself.

Python JIRA allows you only a few options:

As you will also notice from jira docs the sprints function in there only provides you sprints.

What it fails to provide is the issues under the sprint for which work through a different subquery under the hood.

The code here intends to provide a full list of all the issues, based on a sprint name - complete or incomplete - that belong to a given sprint name. You can modify the code easily to suit your needs.


First things first, you need to install jira through pypi for the code.

pip install jira

The code

from jira.resources import Issue
from jira.client import JIRA

def sprints(username, 
    def sprint_issues(cls, board_id, sprint_id):
        r_json = cls._get_json(
            'rapid/charts/sprintreport?rapidViewId=%s&sprintId=%s' % (
                board_id, sprint_id),

        issues = []
        for t in type_of_issues_to_pull:
            if t in r_json['contents']:
                issues += [Issue(cls._options, cls._session, raw_issues_json)
                           for raw_issues_json in
        return {x.key: x for x in issues}.values()

    fmt_full = 'Sprint: {} \n\nIssues:{}'
    fmt_issues = '\n- {}: {}'
    issues_str = ''
    milestone_str = ''

    options = {
        'server': 'http://jira/',
        'verify': True,
        'basic_auth': (username, ldp_password),
    gh = JIRA(options=options, basic_auth=(username, ldp_password))

    # Get all boards viewable by anonymous users.
    boards = gh.boards()
    board = [b for b in boards if == sprint_name][0]

    sprints = gh.sprints(

    for sprint in sorted([s for s in sprints
                   if s.raw[u'state'] == u'ACTIVE'],
                key = lambda x: x.raw[u'sequence']):
        milestone_str = str(sprint)
        issues = sprint_issues(gh,,
        for issue in issues:
            issues_str += fmt_issues.format(issue.key, issue.summary)

    result = fmt_full.format(
    return result

You can call the function with the following command:

sprints(<username>, <password>, <sprint_name>)

You will get results that are similar to the following:


- PROJECT-437: Description of the issue
- PROJECT-447: Description of the issue
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